the cat flew to the moon

the hat when to his room

the speaker had some good sound

the like the band called loom

the bone was given to the hound

i was payed per pound

this place is my hood

i love playing on the ground

i like the song could

i love the good band would

i like eating fine cream

i can go but i still should

you should sew that seem

i eat lots of ice cream

he shot me with his beam

i though of a scene

Mix it Up

From Teaching Tolerance

I learned about bulling and how to deal with it. It talk about how every school should have a zero-tolerance policy. Also how we should eliminate bullies from school. I just think if you see bulling you should report it.

Your writing made me think that we should spread the zero-tolerance policy. This article made me think about how much bulling is really bad.

Go Green

I had so much fun making my house. It took some time making it but overall it was fun.

The challenge I faced was the foundation. I could not get the right measurements.

I used the Style toll for the first time, and the parallel projection tool

The one tool I thought was really helpful was the delete tool


The Digiteen project is were middle and high school students get together and try to talk to everyone about Digital Citizenship. We have different thing in groups to talk about. WE have six main groups.

Am in two groups one is Social Awareness and Privacy. Social Awareness is my mainwiki group. Privacy is my subwiki

Then skip a line and go into detail about your specific part of the project. Explain both your main wiki group and your sub wiki. In your words, what will you be researching and what is it all about?
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